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Great Courses: America’s Founding Fathers

April 17, 2018 @ 10:00 am

Please join us for a make-upGC-AmericasFoundingFathers session with Professor Allen Guelzo to discuss Great Courses: America’s Founding Fathers.

America’s Founding Fathers takes you from the closing days of the American Revolution to the opening decades of the United States under the newly created U.S. Constitution. While these 36 lectures are detailed, they are highly accessible for all learners, from high school students to retired history buffs.

Told like the dramatic, turbulent story that it is, each lecture uses an individual Founder as a doorway through which to examine the process involved in crafting the Constitution. Less a biography of individuals, Professor Guelzo’s course is instead a composite biography of one of the greatest political documents in history.


April 17, 2018
10:00 am - 12:00 pm